Why should you choose to hire Courcelle Consulting as your CFO and possibly COO for your business? Many small to medium sized companies have an expertise in either a product or service and have grown their companies to sometimes a very nice size, however, many of them lack the support of a good CFO/COO to help them grow further and increase their profits. This is exactly why we have decided to offer this service. We are motivated by the success of our clients and have the expertise that is needed to enhance our client’s profitability and growth. We offer competitive pricing and bring a level of experience that is unmatched by the competing firms.

We treat your company as if it were our own. Our attention to detail and dynamic abilities to see opportunities and manage challenges sets us apart. We understand the correlation between time and money and we work quickly to identify areas that can increase our clients overall profitability. Your success is our inspiration!


The firm’s principal, Albert Courcelle began his career working for one of the largest CPA firms in Louisiana and spent the first part of his career as an auditor and tax preparer for some of South Louisiana’s largest businesses. He then moved into industry having held positions as a Corporate Controller for an industrial service company and also as a CFO/COO of a large heavy equipment manufacturing company in South Louisiana. He spent 10 years in industry and helped both companies that he was employed by grow significantly in both the top and bottom lines. In 2007, he had an opportunity to take over a public accounting practice and decided to make the career change so that he could use his expertise in assisting many small to medium sized companies through the experience he gained during his career. Since that time he has been successful in delivering results to dozens of clients in South Louisiana. Courcelle Consulting is the partner your company needs!